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Hi – nice to meet you.

I am Sue Ellery, a doting Cornish grandmother-in-exile currently living in North Wales, UK with my partner and seven cats. With good luck and a following wind I shall be moving back home to the far south-west in the not too distant future, where I have a house and family waiting for me. My sons and two grandchildren are living in Cornwall, and that’s home as far as I’m concerned.

Quiddity has been set up to reflect some of my personal obsessions and interests. The first relates to my mother, Brenda Wootton, and her life as a singer in Cornwall and all around the globe; the second is a lifelong fascination with collective nouns.

The Curios section will probably include some of my more interesting antiques and collectables which I have randomly acquired over the years... or maybe some lovely old books. Quiddity is very much a work in progress, so leave that with me for now. I will inform all interested parties of updates via Facebook or Twitter as the mood strikes me...

An odd combination on which to base an online store you might think, and you’d be right. But there will be more interesting paraphernalia to follow I’m sure, so please do bookmark or link to this site, link to and ‘Like’ my Facebook page for updates, follow me on Twitter, leave any comments, pass on any questions, and generally behave like we’re pals…  there - I’m liking you already!


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