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                    'All of Me'
the new CD of Brenda Wootton
              from Knight Design

Brenda Wootton Brenda Wootton will be well known to some as one of Cornwall's greatest ambassadors. She made a career at home and abroad with one of the most amazing singing voices and an inspiring stage presence.

Brenda's professional career spanned almost 30 years, and she made albums with a number of regular guitarists throughout that period. Her earliest Sentinel albums are available online, but many of the later ones, some produced abroad, are now becoming quite rare.

I have a few spares of some, which I am now releasing, all unused and I believe in very good condition. Obviously these are irreplaceable - so once they're gone - they're gone!

NEW! Brenda Wootton CD, 'Brenda at Buryan CD', can be bought from the Albums sub-category in this menu... and take a look at the 'Brenda at Buryan' page in the Menu list at the top for more information on the CD, and full lyrics!

This lovely photo was taken at the Palace of the Popes in Avignon, where she did a concert with guitarist Chris Newman - 1984ish probably...

There is another lovely new CD of Brenda, which was created a year or so ago by John Knight, who found an old recording of a concert Brenda performed at the final night of the lovely old Bobino Theatre in Paris in 1984. After many months of work in his studio, John created a marvellous tribute to Brenda with this great CD, 'All of Me'. You can get a copy from him here:

The six early Sentinel albums are still available as CDs from Brio Music, who hold the Sentinel catalogue. You can order them from here:


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